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You are cordially invited to Generocity
A virtual night of poetry featuring Bernadette Mayer and Philip Good
Saturday, September 26th 7pm EST

With micro readings by: Ivanna Baranova (Los Angeles); Bradley King (Austin); Zoe Darsee (Berlin); Mauricio Marcín (Mexico City); Zan De Parry (Philadelphia); Sivan Lavie (Tel Aviv); Kevin McNamee-Tweed (Iowa City) & Adrienne Herr (Berlin)

The spright, insurgent, consciousness-bounding grit of Bernadette’s poetry is all her own, and it is a vitalizing gift to all of her readers. We hope to raise enough funds for Bernadette and her partner, the poet Philip Good, to install a new generator and stay warm and comfortable and hopefully writing a lot for another rural New York winter.

For half a century Bernadette has written mind/genre-incendiary, anarchic, hilariously deviant, conceptual-sculpted poetry, and she has published her work and that of other truant-types in her Homeric press edited with Lewis Warsh, United Artists. Her work in poetics and publishing has consistently opened, and opened even further, what is possible in a journal, a sonnet, a short story, a utopian vision, or the book itself, to name a few of the forms to which she has lent her unmistakable hand.

Our goal is $5000, and we encourage you to donate what you can to help! Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated:

For a $50 donation, you’ll receive hand-written thank-you art from one of the organizers.

For a $100 donation, you’ll receive a signed copy of Bernadette’s out-of-print classic, Utopia (limited to twenty copies!) and a unique piece of art from one of the organizers.

For a $500 donation, you’ll receive an original collaboration between poet Bernadette Mayer, master-calligrapher Sharon Roos, and painter Philip Trussell. Signed by Trussell and Roos, limited to 3.

For a $1000 donation, you’ll receive a one-year subscription to Cuneiform Press, meaning you’ll receive a copy of each book Cuneiform publishes this year, including special editions and signed copies!

Additionally, proceeds from all Cuneiform Press books purchased the evening of the event will be donated to the Generocity fund.

To reserve your spot at the reading, send a donation via:
Paypal:  or
Venmo: @generocity

You can also donate here. Please be sure to include your preferred mailing address. All donations go straight to Bernadette Mayer and Philip Good without detour or delay!

If you are unable to donate, but would still like to attend, or if you have any questions, send us an email at:

Thank you!

It’s my mind I stutter to tell you and fall into that great trap again. I must get out of it tonight to free myself of all that trap’s trappings: how can I do it? Now right now this minute this instant, bake an instant minute, bake the pie the cake the camel’s tail into the soup, I’ll do it. Right away, evilly, devilishly, impishly, skid in the knotted snow and never wind up upside down again, but can you be sure?

— Bernadette Mayer

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